An Image is Worth 1,000 Tweets

facebook engancha

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve all heard the saying before, “an image is worth 1,000 words.

But in the digital age of social media marketing and branded microblogs the time-tested cliche holds truer than ever, especially on Facebook. In a digital world bombarded with text-heavy status updates, tagging, comments and likes, the photograph may seem like an ancient and irrelevant relic; this notion however, is completely untrue.

Think about it:

The Facebook news feed is an endless stream of text, most of which goes unseen when the average user is scrolling through the thousands of updates that appear in their daily feed. An important text-heavy brand update, product announcement, or  strategic customer-engaging post can be easily lost in this barrage of information.

After heavy deliberation over content calendars and hours of tedious customer engagement strategies, no brand want’s their message to dissapear in a sea of status updates. Brands want the message to stand out.

The photograph, graphic image, or even internet mem (see Skittles‘ Facebook page), is an excellent way to catch a fan’s eye and halt the ever scrolling finger. Why? Because the average person responds more quickly to a brightly-colored, visually stimulating picture than they do black-and-white text.

Vibrant colors, emotional facial expressions, 0r even embedded video links in status updates are an easy way to grab the droning Facebook lurker. So before posting yet another text update, take the time to include a relevant image to make your brand’s update stand out.

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