Facebook: The Branding Iron

Last week, I came across an article listing the top 50 most creative Facebook brand pages. The list  features a handful of perfect examples of how a brand can use Facebook (and other social media platforms) to truly express their identity. While scrolling through the list, it is obvious that ideas as seemingly simple as what images to feature as the page’s cover photo and profile picture are carefully and creatively planned to best express a brand’s identity.

One of the top brands listed in the article was Skittles. With regards to maintaining an identity through social media, Skittles is hard to beat. Its Facebook page is updated regularly with photos and status updates that reflect the brand’s dry sense of humor, as seen in their popular TV commercials. The posts engage customers through their meme-like humor.

My personal favorite use of creative Facebook branding was Starburst. The company’s page features cover and profile photos that playfully create the illusion of a single image. The company posts frequently and utilizes thoughtful status updates to engage customers and stir up a conversation. Polls, photos, and video links and sweepstakes are other tools used by the brand’s Facebook page to engage customers.

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